8 Singlets That’ll Single You Out


Singlets need to make more appearances in men’s underwear drawers. Whether they are sporty or sexy, singlets are a great and unexpected way to mix it up. Maybe you’re looking to stop everyone dead on their treadmill tracks at the gym, or your partner in the bedroom. Either way, a singlet is something every man should own at some point at rock with confidence. This is our list of the most attention-getting singlets out there. Don’t bother deciding whether you want to be sporty or sexy, though. With all of these, you get a little bit of both. Or in some cases, lots of both.

1.. Timoteo Take Down Singlet


The Timoteo Take Down Singlet is one of the sporty ones and one of the best. The athletic-style color blocking on the sides of both looks is stylish and flattering. Not to mention, the fit of this singlet is nice and tight, and definitely worth a double-take.

2. N2N Lounge Singlet


The N2N Lounge Singlet is casually erotic and insanely comfortable. The look comes in four colors and is made from a semi-transparent, sheer-like material. Wear it for your babe on a sure-to-be-steamy night, or wear it for yourself for a lazy day at home.

3. Good Devil Jockstrap Singlet


Good Devil is always ready to push boundaries, and this is one of the more unique singlets out there. The jock-style rear on this singlet adds 10 points to both the sexy and sporty columns for this look.  The black body with blue seams is also easy on the eyes and trendy.

4. Equmen Core Precision Singlet


The Equmen Core Precision Singlet is probably the most functional singlets we know. Not trying to be flashy or sexy, this look is all about performance and sophisticated style. The singlet is slimming, and also improves posture and healthy blood circulation.

5. Freedom Reigns CFI-2-7 Black


Another singlet that sprints down the sporty path is the Freedom Reigns CFI-2-7 Black Singlet. The black and yellow is an awesome color combination, and we love how it is done here, with the racer back and FR Sport logo both in the bright yellow. The white seams also make for some nice contrast.

6. Malebasics Lacey Body


If you think the Malebasics Lacey Body is sporty, we want to join your team. This look is sex appeal way above the 9’s — the floral lacey pattern is really sexy, and lets plenty of your skin peek through the lace material. This is what you wear when things get sexy, no two ways about it.

7. Bodyaware Latex Zipper Suit


This is the most tame singlet we can think of… Kidding, obviously. The Bodyaware Latex Zipper Suit is wildly kinky and fun, and comes in sexy shades of red and black. The zipper runs from the top of the crotch to the top of the butt. And just so you know, this singlet is probably not for the gym.

8. N2N Sheer Skin Singlet


It’s hard to beat N2N when it comes to singlets because they have several looks that hit all the marks. But the N2N Sheer Skin Singlet is definitely our favorite. It has a unique and sexy design that holds on to its athleticism, and the neon accents are an awesome touch, especially when paired with the sheer that shows off your chest, legs and back. This is the singlet to get anyone’s attention. It is available in orange, green, blue, black, and white.

How many singlets do you own, if any? Which of the singlets included in our list is your personal favorite? Do you prefer them more sporty, or more sexy? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Bodyaware, Equmen, Freedom Reigns, Good Devil, Malebasics, N2N, Timoteo

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