8 Reasons To Workout With Jason Wimberly


Jason Wimberly is the pretty boy. He has his hands dipped in fashion and fitness, and a body made to work both. He is the guy behind Wimberlean, the culmination of teaching over 3000 fitness classes and starting out as a dancer. We would just die to have this beautiful man be our personal trainer. Or maybe even an observant spotter who could save us when the weight gets too heavy. This is our list of reasons we want to workout with Jason Wimberly.

1. Jason clearly knows what he is talking about


If you’re looking for a personal trainer, wouldn’t you prefer someone that has the body you’re trying to achieve? Jason Wimberly has a crazy sexy body that is toned and lean in the best way. If he can get himself to look that good, he can at least help you get close.

2. Just look at those abs


Yeah, Jason’s abs might be his best asset if his face wasn’t so pretty. A defined set of abs is something every guy wishes he had, is working toward having, or already has. Jason’s are so bold and so sexy we need to hear how he got them. And that Adonis belt, we want that too.

3. He’s also, like, really pretty


Of course, a little eye candy at the gym never hurt anyone. Having a trainer as gorgeous as Jason would spark a fire in anyone, and give them the fuel to run that extra lap or lift that extra rep. Not to say that an ugly trainer would make us slow down, but you see what we are getting at.

4. And pretty strong too


Something you also want is a personal trainer who is strong enough to show you everything properly. You need someone who can push themselves and lead by example. If you see your trainer increasing weight and struggling, you should be struggling too.

5. He’s got some killer legs


Jason doesn’t only have a great set of abs, but some killer legs as well. It’s a joke to say that someone skipped leg day when their upper body muscles are there and their legs are either twigs or jello molds. Jason’s legs, though, show that he works everything for the sexiest results.

6. And a butt you might get to peek at


Did we mention that eye candy never hurt anyone? This is only true if you pay attention to what you’re doing while staring. Jason Wimberly has an amazing butt, and if he is your trainer, you are much more capable of stealing a glance, you know, for thinspiration.

7. And speaking of thinspiration


A lot of people visualize their after picture while at the gym, no matter how far they are from it. A lot of people’s after pictures are probably imagined to look something like Jason, because his body is pretty much perfect. And if a guy that hot and fit is telling you how to workout, aren’t you a lot more likely to not only listen, but to take his advice to heart?

8. He’ll make you want to workout


Eventually you reach a point where you want to exercise. Jason seems like a cool guy after drooling over his Instagram. His body is all the proof you need in his abilities as a trainer, and he is even seen having some fun at the gym after a class he taught. Now that is a trainer we can all get on board with. Personable, gorgeous, and inspiring.

Do you follow Jason Wimberly on Instagram? What would you do to take just one fitness class with this gorgeous man? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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  1. Caitlin O'Callaghan-Reagan says:

    Jason is gorgeous inside and out. I understand there is a thing called freedom of speech @BlueLightAlarm, but it does not excuse the fact that you are being a complete jerk. I guess parents didn’t teach you to keep your hateful and negative comments to yourself. At the end of the day, you’re missing out on learning from an amazing instructor and person. We love you Jason Wimberly and we are excited to get fit with Wimberlean. Keep up the great work!!!

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