8 Date Ideas From 8 Underwear Models

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It’s date night. Whether you are heading out with a your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, future interest or booty call, you may be fiddling with your fingers and wondering what to do.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to look to underwear models to come up with a list of date ideas that are sure to impress. Why wouldn’t you want to be inspired by these guys? They are smooth, sophisticated, and look great in a pair of briefs.

Check out a list of 8 dates you may want to try out, inspired by 8 underwear models. How would you describe the perfect date? What is the best date you’ve been on? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

1) If you are near the beach, try a bit of snorkeling, like Rodiney Santiago.


2) Don Hood is a model who loves puppies. If you’re a dog lover heading out on a date with another, walk your dogs together at a park.


3) Colby Melvin is one of those classic daters. Keep it simple and invite someone out for dinner. Bonus points if you cook for them. Even more points if you cook with them.


4) In Jon Varak’s “Waking Up In Vegas” shoot, things get a bit wild. Invite someone who is not unafraid to hit the town with you. They may not be the love of your life by the end of the date, but you two would have so much fun!


5) Garrett Neff is a model that likes to stay active outdoors. Invite someone to play tennis with you for an afternoon. Nothing says fun more than hitting a few balls around.


6) Have a friend with a pool, access to a pool, or renting out a house with a pool? Invite your date over for a pool party. Swim around and get them into their hottest swimwear. Maybe they’ll look like Pablo Hernandez.


7) Johna Myers loves to work out. If you do too, invite a date over. Things can get sweaty, but that’s kind of hot. Afterwards, you two can grab some protein shakes and go for a cool down walk.


8) Dusty St. Amand loves a good thrift store. Head over to one and have fun trying on some wacky, retro looks. Create stories behind each outfit and learn more about each other’s interests by using the clothes you find.


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