7 Ways To Brighten Your Week With Teamm8


Teamm8, we think we have feelings for you. This Australian underwear brand is popping up on our radar more and more, and we get excited every time if does. Not only is their marketing constantly and consistently great (complete with some gorgeous guys), but their products are versatile and stylish. Sexy, stylish underwear, a hot blonde Aussie or two, deliciously seductive campaigns — Teamm8 is the brand to root for. This is our list of 7 ways that Teamm8 can brighten your week. And just wait until it illuminates your weekend.

1. Monday: Butt-Hugging Basics


Every underwear brand should have a collection of basics. After all, if you can’t get the fundamentals down, you can’t very well be inventive with your designs. The Teamm8 Super Low Brief is about as sexy as a basic can get. Not to mention, their logo is attractively understated on the waistband.

2. Tuesday: Swim Team Practice


Teamm8 has its toes dipped into swimwear as well. A lot of their swimwear looks feature a trendy, contrasting waistband with drawstrings that provide a pop of color. Their collection of swim looks includes swim briefs, trunks, and shorts.

3. Wednesday (Hump Day): Sexy Men


There is one thing that always needs to hit a home run when it comes to underwear marketing, and that one thing is this guy. This super sexy pic from the Teamm8 Dream, Love, Live campaign shows where their sex appeal is at. It is sporty and timeless, like this naked baseball guy in a classic car.

4. Thursday: Active and Attractive


And if you’re going to try and be sexy in an athletic and jock-ish way, then you also need to offer sportswear. Teamm8 does this superbly by selling hoodies, tees, sweatpants, and some really cute running shorts. Their Sport campaign was also a dream come true. Just look at that perfect pic above. Its like a boy band at the gym, and we are definitely fans.

5. Friday: Underwear(less) Models


This pic is from the Teamm8 Find Yourself campaign. If the photo shoot was a story, this would be the climax. The rest of the campaign is gloomy and serene too, but never like this. Never with the model going totally naked. Although, he does look awesome in the Teamm8 briefs he is wearing before we’re made jealous of this horse.

6. Saturday: Sporty Color Blocking


Teamm8 has also been putting out some great colors lately. Their Jump and Strike Collections feature a lot of vibrant color blocking, all done in a somewhat sporty way. This pic is from their Colour Your World campaign, and the snail is definitely more colorful than the horse.

7. Sunday (Funday): Team Players


This is where Teamm8 goes varsity. This is where our jaws hit the floor, probably hard enough to leave a bruise. These four guys are naked, their Teamm8 underwear looks over their shoulders. In a nutshell, this image captures everything we love about the brand, what we crave and what keeps us coming back for more.

After looking at our list, what is your new favorite day of the week? What is your favorite thing about the Teamm8 underwear in your drawer? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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