7 Reasons To Party With PUMP!


Gentleman, PUMP! knows how to work it. Just imagine, you’re throwing a party and you really want it to be a hit. But you know that no matter how hard you try, something will be missing. The missing ingredient? PUMP!. This underwear brand pencils in time for its fair share of parties. From sponsorship to sexy gogo boys wearing nothing but PUMP! underwear, we’re convinced that PUMP! is the brand to party with. And this is our list of reasons why.

1. Matinee Las Vegas Festival


PUMP! partied pretty hard at the Matinee Las Vegas Festival. For those who don’t know, the festival is an epic gay dance party that was held this Memorial Day weekend. How epic was it? Well, PUMP! was part of the festivities. What more do you need to know?

2. Jockball At Club Unity In Montreal


PUMP! and non-profit organization Foundation BBCM put on the Jockball at Club Unity in Montreal. The event suggested athletic and sporty attire to stick with the Jockball theme, and that night 100 pairs of PUMP! underwear were given away.

3. Prism Festival


PUMP! was also on-hand to help celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Prism Festival. Prism is the leading gay events company in Canada, where PUMP! is based.

4. Bal En Blanc 19


Dancers were wearing PUMP! at Bal En Blanc 19, Montreal’s largest circuit party. A lot of great artists also helped make the event a memorable one. And you know dancers in PUMP! always look good shaking it to music.

5. Matinee Miami


This one is from a few years back where PUMP! really brought the party to Matinee Miami for New Year’s. There were sexy dancers wearing PUMP! and super cool black lights. What better way to cap off your year?

6. Drama Queen


Gogo boys in PUMP! are always a feast for the eyes. These prime examples of guy candy make appearances all over Canada, including at Drama Queen. DJ Jamal was also on-hand to give the boys something to really move it to.

7. Black & Blue


PUMP! was the official underwear brand of the Black & Blue Festival in Montreal. Just looking at the crowd and the dancers, you can tell PUMP! put on a show and that the hot guys made everyone’s night a little better. Scratch that, a lot better.

Would you party with PUMP!? If you have, share your stories with us by commenting below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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