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It’s always nice when a single brand can cover all the bases, meet all your underwear needs. Tani is one of them, and considering their affinity for top-of-the-line fabrics and fashionable, masculine cuts, Tani is one of the best. With 7 collections to get your fix from, the brand is all about being suave and active. So no matter what type of gentleman you are, Tani has a collection that will fit nicely in your underwear drawer and your lifestyle.

1. Everyday SilkTouch


The Tani Everyday SilkTouch Collection literally uses the thinnest and finest fibers around for a set of looks that redefines the comfort of men’s underwear. The collection uses Micro Modal Air fibers for a smooth, durable, and moisture wicking material. This collection would be great during any given day, such as a day at the office during a hot summer.

2. Air Fitness


Made from 95% SUPERFINE Micro Tencel, looks in the Tani Air Fitness Collection are great for athletic activities. The lightweight pique knit is comfortable and a first in men’s underwear. But the best part? This collection wicks away 50% more moisture than cotton. This is a collection you can throw in your gym bag twice. One pair for your workout, and one for after.

 3. Fresh Cooling Performance


The Tani Fresh Cooling Performance Collection is for the more extreme conditions that come your way. These looks are made from Japanese polyester and Superfine Cupro, which manages moisture and helps circulate air for a breathable comfort. The folks at Tani even say it themselves: “…the Fesh Cooling Performance collection keeps your cool on the hottest days, during the most intense workouts and even in the most tropical of climates.”

4. Free Cut


The Free Cut Collection by Tani is as sophisticated as it is simplistic. Both looks currently included in the collection are made from 89% Micro Modal Air. The trunks are also designed with “a perfect finished edge” that eliminates the need for leg bindings. Wear these looks to a job interview, or on a first date — anytime you want to feel sophisticated and like you have the upper hand.

5. Swiss Cotton


As we mentioned before, Tani is very selective when choosing their fabrics. In fact, only 3% of the world’s cotton crop is fine enough for Tani. Their lightweight cotton and elastane blend is silky soft and consistently classy throughout the collection. This is another set suitable for any occasion where comfort and class are a priority.

6. Loungewear


Tani’s Loungewear Collection is, obviously, ideal for lounging around the house. Each of the three pants are made from a different fabric, each of them as luxurious and cozy as the last. One if made from French terry-cotton, one from Lenzing Micro Modal Edelweiss and pima cotton, and another from the brand’s Micro Modal Air.

7. Luxuriance


The Tani Luxuriance Collection is of course the best of the best. The fabrics are light, dense, and available in limited edition patterns and textures that are as sophisticated and high-class as the materials behind them. And what are those fibers? Micro Modal Air and Micro Modal Rainbow.

What is your favorite Tani collection? For what sort of activity is Tani your go-to brand? Let us know by commenting below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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