7 Collegiate Collections For Back-To-School

Collegiate Collections

Summer is about to die and your collegiate life is about to be reborn, sorry ’bout it. But on the bright side, it’s the only excuse you need to invest in some new clothes for school, especially underwear. So with the approaching school year in mind, we’ve assembled a list of the best collegiate collections for you to make an entrance in. They’re sporty galore and full of team spirit. And even if they don’t match your school’s colors exactly, you can be your own team of awesome this school year. These collegiate collections are A-grade, so take notes.

1. N2N University Collection


N2N’s University Collection includes a singlet and a jammer as well as two swimwear looks. So whether you wrestle or swim for the school team, or even if you’re an avid spectator, the N2N University Collection has spot-on college flair. The looks have some bold colors accented with gold, and plenty of old school attitude mixed with new school sexy.

2. Timoteo Varsity Collection


Timoteo is great at giving off that All-American jock vibe. Their looks are all classically sporty and a little bit retro, like they’re from the good old days when basketball shorts meant short shorts. Their Varsity Collection includes trunks, pants, a jockstrap, a brief jock, long length boxer shorts, and a low-cut brief. Each one comes with a grey body and either red or blue contrasts.

3. PUMP! Touchdown Boxer


Does it get any more sporty than PUMP!? The brand’s boxers and joggers could all be part of a team uniform, but their Touchdown Boxers are especially sporty. Their colors are super collegiate and inspired by NFL teams. They would look perfectly in place on your home field, or maybe even carelessly thrown on the locker room floor after a game — because the mesh material is oh so sexy.

4. Blue Collar Varsity Trunks


The Blue Collar Varsity Trunks come in scarlet, midnight black, and surfer blue. The athletic fit is great for back-to-school, and a look that would be great throughout the day before hitting the gym after class. And if your school colors match these trunks, they’re an even more solid bet. Because when school is in session, it is always appropriate to rock your school spirit with your underwear.

5. Freedom Reigns Varsity Sport Collection


The Freedom Reigns Varsity Sport Collection includes briefs, jocks, trunks, and swim briefs. The looks are all super sporty and come in a color combo of blues and whites with small grey details. They are just about equal parts sport and sexy. Walk around the locker room in these bad boys and boost your team’s morale.

6. Jack Adams Varsity Mesh Jockstrap


Whether you play collegiate sports or not, you should have a sporty jock in your underwear drawer. We’ll call this one another morale-booster, because the sexy cut of this jock combined with the stretchy mesh can only be a good omen. The jock comes in black and is accented with either red, yellow, or white. The white look is accented with black.

7. Teamm8 Strike Collection


The teamm8 Strike Collection is one of this brand’s more sporty looks. It makes good use of contrasting colors with blues, oranges and whites. So if you’re school’s colors match the Denver Broncos’s, then these are a surefire way to start the new school year. And even if they aren’t your colors, the teamm8 Strike Collection is full of athleticism. No matter what team you follow, follow them in this collection.

Are you ready to go back to school? What underwear collections are you planning to get your hands on before the year starts? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands:  Blue Collar, Freedom Reigns, Jack Adams, N2N, PUMP!, Teamm8, Timoteo

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