5 Hot Freshmen, Andrew Christian’s New Models

Andrew Christian’s list of models reads like a birthday wish list, or a to-do list. The brand has a reputation for creating inventively sexy underwear looks and for choosing the right men to wear them — or sometimes not wear them. Yes, some of their models are definitely risk takers, possibly even exhibitionists. But either way, Andrew Christian’s new models all look right at home in the sexy Andrew Christian merchandise, and alongside the other guys.

Andrew Christian welcomes Brian Prince Roman, Jonnie Manzanares, Peter Lee, Rocky Santos, and Diego Sans to their party. Each of them is super hot and has already made appearances on the AC site. Brian Prince Roman has been seen modeling the C-Ring Brief Jock. We think it is a bold way to start off at Andrew Christian, but we also thing he should move his hand and show us what he’s got. That’s what Diego Sans does, and we aren’t talking about when we can see right through those mesh shorts. We are talking about the very NSFW video where he whimsically and confidently strips down to nothing.

Peter Lee has already modeled some quintessentially Andrew Christian variations of jocks, and has the butt to make each look perfect. His butt is almost as round as his muscular chest, almost. Rocky Santos is, ironically, seen bulking up at the gym when modeling some looks from the Andrew Christian Studio Collection.

And then there is Jonnie Manzanares, the total heartthrob who, so far, has been spotted in the World Un-Cupped video and photographed playing soccer with Topher DiMaggio.  He is a definite cutie, and for a newcomer looks perfectly comfortable and in-place beside Topher.

Check out the gallery below to see more of Andrew Christian’s new models. Which of the 5 guys do you find the most attractive? Which of your favorite AC looks would you want to see them modeling? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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