Willie Gomez In Teamm8 Touchdown Briefs


In their new campaign for the new product the teamm8 Touchdown Briefs, model Willie Gomez shows us what these skivvies are all about. Combining strong support with superior design, the teamm8  Touchdown Brief is for the weekend warrior and the football fanatic. The photos below do a great job to highlight the style of the briefs. Their bright colors are aptly named (madarin, apple, and sorbet) and give a nice depth to the concept. It proves that teamm8 understands the line they are treading. At once aggressive, but also peaceful.

And we can’t help but notice in the photos below that the teamm8  Touchdown Briefs pay homage to American football. Pretty surprising, since teamm8  is an Australian company, and Footie (or Aussie Rules dootball) rules the land down under. We’re not upset though, and when Willie Gomez is done, we’d like to keep the helmet. As a souvenir.

If you had to choose Aussie Rules dootball, or American dootball, which one do you pick? And if you were to play a scrimmage, would you be shirts or skins? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: teamm8

Photo Credit: teamm8

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