[VIDEO] Get A Sneak Peek Of The Andrew Christian “Angels Vs Demons” Video


Where do you draw the line between good and evil?

In Andrew Christian’s highly anticipated video, “Angels Vs Demons” the underwear maverick and his crew of sexy models explore a theme that has been around since the dawn of time. From the trailer on the Andrew Christian website, 2013 model contest winner Jake Houser plays an angel who has fallen for a demon played by a brand new model. Because of their forbidden love, a war has sparked between heaven and hell.

The Andrew Christian team pulled out all of their tricks for this video, using their latest underwear looks. In one scene, playing an angel, good boy Cory Zwierzynki’s eyes change from his natural brown to white when he falls form heaven to rip Jake away from his love. Both sides come together in a clash of swords and armor surrounded by a cloudy fog  and fire balls that can only be a plane found in between the two final destinations.

The angels wear read and black briefs from various collections while the demon models wear all black, including the Almost Naked Chap Thong and Jumper Brief. Both sides are outfitted in the latest jewelry lines and sexy white and black wings.

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For more information on the brand: Andrew Christian

Photo/Video Credit: Jeff White

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