Trend Story: Retro Styles Are The New Old (Or The Old New)

Retro Styles

Fashion is cyclical. Sort of. With retro styles we generally understand that it’s all part of the plan: what goes around comes around. When it comes back around, however, it changes. Retro styles claim to be nostalgic, but most take the elements we loved about a period look and update them to fit in to our modern paradigms. Think of it as a fashion do-over. Everyone loves a do-over. It’s that chance to do it better the second time around. The downside of it, though, is that these re-dos get extremely popular and then suddenly the market is saturated. And that’s what we’ve come to see with retro styles. Everything is a throwback these days, even though they aren’t all actually what they claim to be.

For this week’s trend story, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to sort through the underwear world and do a little categorization when it comes to retro styles.  Below you’ll find four retro categories that will help you discern what it means to go back in time (without Huey Lewis, thank you very much).


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