The Tactics Surf Squarecut Trunks: Not For Squares

Undergear Tactic Surf Squarecut

The Tactics Surf Squarecut Trunks ($36) remind us that the quantity of cool is timeless. When you don these sporty and old-school trunks, you’ll feel like it’s the 80’s, but you’ll be getting fashion marks in the 100’s!

The fabric on these trunks are a well balanced blend of lycra and nylon, designed for quick drying. You’ll step out of the waves and onto the sand without having to worry about chaffing due to extended wet-bathing syndrome. There is no noticeable waistband on the Undergear Tactics Surf Squarecut Trunks. The lining of the suit is stitched close and tight to the top, making for a super thin and barely noticeable line that falls just below the natural hips. The pouch is center-seamed and the two side seams travel up towards the navel creating space enough for you to sit comfortably whether laying in the sun or pulling off laps in the water.

The Undergear Tactics Surf Squarecut trunks fall just below the upper thigh. Their square cut is unique, fun, and a bit of a nostalgic throwback. This is accentuated by the awesome blue, white, and yellow racing stripe that runs across the seamless backside.

The Undergear Tactics Surf Squarecut are available in sizes S-XL.

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