See The Epic Battle In The New Andrew Christian “Angels Vs Demons” Video

angels vs demons
If you follow us religiously, we hope you’ve been anticipating the latest Andrew Christian video we teased last week. The full video is finally here!

[VIDEO] Get A Sneak Peek Of The Andrew Christian “Angels Vs Demons” Video

When an angel and a demon fall in love, the God — played by Andrew Christian himself — above starts a clash between heaven and hell. The video has a very Romeo and Juliet forbidden love story line, but with a twist. It opens up with Andrew Christian dripping in silver and sitting on his high throne, watching over angelic model Jake Houser fall for a bad angel named Kevin Benoit. Reppin’ the good side, Cory Zwierzynski is sent down to tear Houser away, while bad boy Topher DiMaggio claims Benoit.

The separation between good and evil causes a huge clash, where Cory leads the white winged angels into an epic battle with the black winged demons. Writer and Director Jeff White pulled out all of the stops to make this one truly war between the heavens. A first for AC, special effects and slow-mo are used to showcase the war caused by love. The scenes are legendary enough to stand on the shelves next to “300” and “Gladiator.”

To keep the beautiful creatures separate, the angels are outfitted in nothing but white wings and red and black Almost Naked Fling Briefs, while the models from the dark side wear all black including the Almost Naked Chap Thong and Jumper Brief. Both sides are outfitted in the latest jewelry lines and sexy white and black wings.

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Video/Photo Credit: Jeff White

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