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Happy Socks

We know what you’re expecting when we say “model photos.”  You are most likely clicking forward to see well-crafted men in well-crafted underwear, looking well-crafted. And normally you’d be right to expect that. You certainly weren’t expecting socked feet. But in these model photos by Andrew Werner for Happy Socks, you get to see something truly amazing: transformation.

In the pictures by Andrew Werner for Happy Socks, you get a taste of what this brand is capable of. Shot on an elegant black wooden floor these wild and fun socks look more than just ‘fun.’ They come across as downright elegant, sleek, and fashionable. We can easily see how adding these to a suit or dress attire would amplify your sense of personality and good-nature without taking away from the necessary seriousness of dressing up.

The three looks are Stripe Socks, Mini Square Socks (both $12.00) and the limited edition Piano Socks ($14.00). Get one, get all three, mix and match. Wear them with sneakers or dress shoes, or even to just lounge around the house. If there’s one thing the photos by Andrew Werner for Happy Socks prove, it is that these looks are ready for anything.

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For more information on this brand: Happy Socks

Photo Credit: Andrew Werner

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