Mundo Unico On Quality, And The Weather

It was over 15 years ago that Mundo Unico first emerged in Medellín, Colombia. Founded by Nicolas Echeverri, the brand has since grown to cross Colombian borders and become a presence in international markets, thanks to outlets in Miami and Mexico City. Mundo Unico’s products are also commercialized in 25 other countries including Germany, Russia, Spain, Canada, England, and Peru. Only a brand that holds quality over quantity could tackle the world with their underwear designs like that. And thanks to superior fabrics and a very personnel-oriented manufacturing process, Mundo Unico has made that climb. In fact, Mundo Unico is still climbing.

mundostcottonInspired by the four seasons, Unico draws inspiration from diversity and molds it with each designer’s individual creativity and imagination. It is this ingenuity that Mundo Unico brings to their four main textures: solids, prints, stripes, and jacquard. That unique identity is also what their waistband indicates to anyone who sees it. And with their four different styles, the brand’s versatility no doubt helped it spread into international markets. By basing their new looks on seasonal diversity and the shades of each one, they are sure to remain as fresh as ever.

But where quality is concerned, there is more behind Mundo Unico than its man-smart designers. Personnel for the brand couldn’t be held in higher importance. After the creative process is complete and a collection is ready to be made into samples and manufactured, individuals hand-select the fabrics that will go on to become finished Mundo Unico products. Attention to detail leaves only the highest-quality as a possibility.

Mundo Unico chooses cotton because of its soft touch and consistently comfortable temperature. Polyamide  and elastane, though, are what really provide the perfect fit. And each fabric is put through fabric stamping tests to assure their quality.

Once the fabric is cut, it is sewn to a waistband and branded with a label. Just like when you purchase an item from a luxury brand, you want to know what you are wearing is legitimate. And when you see a Mundo Unico waistband, you know your body is being hugged by high-quality.

Of course, the most well-recognized individuals behind Mundo Unico are their models. The gorgeous men all have strong Latin features blended with an international look. Holding charisma and sophistication equally as high as comfort, the brand has made more than a name for itself. It has made an identity, and now, the guys of Mundo Unico can now be found across the world. And most recently, the men can be seen modeling Mundo Unico’s Autumn 2014 collection, “Amazonia.”

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