Model Of The Week: Lenny San

lenny Born:
Stanford, Connecticut

 DOB: Jan. 29, 1984

 Astrological Sign: Aquarius

 Relationship Status: Taken

 Height: 6”

 Weight: 190 lbs

 Hair Color: Dark Brown

 Eye Color: Brown

 Ethnicity: Italian








What first drew you to Charles Owo as a brand? Was there anything that stood out to you in particular?

I mean, it was just regular casting. I believe I was one of the first ones who showed up for that day, and then I don’t know, I guess it was just the image. I know they weren’t too thrilled about the tattoos, but I guess I had enough to bring to the table to be the one selected.

Has there been a certain Charles Owo look that you liked modeling more than others, that stuck in your memory?

Yeah actually, it was the Houndstooth look. It was a really cool pattern, like black and white. But what I like about that brand is the fact that the fabric, it’s all made in Italy. And the color combinations are real nice.

The Charles Owo Houndstooth Collection

How about photo shoots? Are there any photographers you are fond of working with?

Paul Reitz. And most recent would be Kevin D Hoover. Both were great to work with, yeah. Kevin is in Brooklyn and Paul, in Manhattan.

You’ve lived in Connecticut your entire life. Would you say it was a long journey to becoming an underwear model?

In any aspect, of anyone who wants to be in this position, it’s not easy. It takes a lot of dedication, you know, to diet and everything. Putting the time in, that is the reward you get. You’re able to get in these types of things where some people, who just didn’t put the time in didn’t know what all this meant. I did other projects which for, like, muscle, you’re driven to have more of a workout regimen and at that point it is just day to day living, a lifestyle. Its more than a year and a half, or two years, trying to be an image. And the years of passion and dedication involved in eating right and working out and staying focused. It’s mainly the focus, that I would say [got me here].

You talk about eating right and working out. Even on your own site, there are images of you modeling for fitness photos. So there is fashion modeling and fitness modeling. Are there any other kinds of modeling that you want to break into, that you haven’t yet? 

Well I try to bring something to the table, and for me as a physique model to have that body structure and bring it to fashion and on the level of doing underwear. Of course I would do swimwear and so forth and so on. I want to be the guy that is more than just the 5’10”, 160 lb. guy when I’m 6 feet, roughly 190. For more that is more athletic driven but I can still wear the classier things. Even if it is just for regular underwear, it looks better than what it is.

What do you do when you aren’t modeling? I read you are a barber to a few close friends, and have an Associates Degree of Science In Auto Body. 

Yeah, what I do for my career job is I’m a mobile wheel tech. So what I do technically is I go and service car dealerships and sell them on the fact that I can repair their used cars’ wheels and help them of course push the cars, get them off the lot faster. Back in ’03 I started, went to college for it. Graduated in ’05 and started working with cars, right away.

[PICS] Lenny San Working It For Charles Owo

Going back to clothes, what kind of underwear do you wear? Is is looks you model, a certain designer or style?

Not so much of a name brand, I kind of mix it up, but more of a style. I go with the compression style boxer briefs. They’re form-fitting, I like the little bit of extra length on the thighs so that I can play soccer. I like to have a little more, not like the high cut short. It is more comfortable. Anything higher cut, my thighs are so wide at the top. I’m assuming it’s kind of hard to design underwear for models because not all models measure exactly like I do. For myself I prefer something more athletic like the compression style boxer briefs.

Is that a pet peeve when it comes to underwear, the leg length?

Yeah the higher cut boxer briefs, its the elastic. It doesn’t have enough give to be comfortable for me. When I was 160 it was great, but now that I’m not getting bigger but wider, and it’s just not helpful.

Any quirky facts about you, something your admirers wouldn’t otherwise know?

Well this is kind of stupid, but I guess it’s funny because no one really knows about it. But I can wiggle my ears.

How about any funny mishaps or stories while on set for a photo shoot, especially when modeling underwear? Or are things usually kept pretty professional?

Well I mean I want to get things done as quickly and as well as the photographer, so nothing really… Well, the one thing I can probably say is I was doing this shoot with Luis Raphael and we were on a bridge. At 8 o’clock in the morning there was no one there, and by 11 in the afternoon there was an audience. So that was a little out of the ordinary where I usually do studio shoots. That one was outside.

Photo Credit: Patrick D. Wade/Lenny Santarsiero

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