Model Of The Week: Lenny San

Speaking with Lenny Santarsiero was a real treat for us. Lenny San, as he is more commonly called in his modeling circles, is a down-to-Earth dude with a strong work ethic and sense of dedication. It is that dedication to hard work that got Lenny his amazing body, and his ever-expanding career as a model. And his physique is definitely taking him places. Lenny has been featured in Beautiful Mag and DNA Magazine, both far jumps from where he started. He began his modeling career flying solo for about a year before being picked up by CMI, or Crew Models International. A year and a half has gone by since, and looking back Lenny Santarsiero says that CMI is where he started to grow. One of the greatest expansions of his career, though, would be his shot at representing Charles Owo. Charles Owo is a luxury brand of accessories based in New York City. The brand touts their high-class products and sophisticated image, especially their Italian fabric. And their choice to show off this guy: Lenny San from Stanford, Connecticut. Elegant and refined, Charles Owo produces timeless pieces for the modern man. In this case, it’s easy to see why Charles Owo and Lenny fit so well together.

“[CMI is] bringing me on the road to wherever it is going to end up,” Lenny San told us. “That is where me and Charles [Owo] met. My manager sends them all my stuff and I show up, show my face, and whatever happens, happens. I’ll keep doing this as long as I can. If I keep up with what I am doing, I can be 50 and still have the same body.”

Check out our interview with Lenny Santarsiero to hear more of what he has to say. We talk about his modeling career and Charles Owo, as well as how he spends his down time. Read on if you want to get to know the man behind the muscle.


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