Made in the USA: Support Them So They Can Support You


In the modern world of clothing manufacturing it truly is a global enterprise. Everyone can relate to that odd experience, when you pull your favorite pair of underwear out of the drier and see the tag for the first time. You never realized the underwear you bought around the corner was made in Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, China, or any number of other countries so very far away from your backside.

Don’t misunderstand us, we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with the global market, or that these countries don’t produce fine underwear that stands the test of time. The essence of underwear is personal. And with the fabric right up against your personals it’s nice to know where it comes from. And sometimes it’s really nice to know it comes from where you come from.

American manufacturing has most definitely struggled in the global economy, there’s no denying it. The cost of labor, materials, and production lines can be much higher here at home than in other countries. That is the reality of a free market, even for underwear. That being said there are a few great brands that make it their business to have their business at home and their products made in the USA.

Having a brand that is made in the USA is a source of pride and to be advertised openly next to information about fabric blends, pouch enhancement, and more. Being made in the USA has become, in a sense, artisanal. And with quality and style of these brands, that’s no surprise.

Check out the gallery below to get a view of what these in-country brands have to offer.

For more information on these brands: Freedom Reigns, N2N, Hanes, American Apparel, Duluth Trading Company, Flint and Tinder, Fruit of the Loom

Were you born in the U-S-A? If you do, are you wearing home made underwear? If you weren’t born in the U-S-A, are you wearing them anyway? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert


Photo Credits: Freedom Reigns, N2N, Hanes, American Apparel, Duluth Trading Company, Flint and Tinder, Fruit of the Loom



0 thoughts on “Made in the USA: Support Them So They Can Support You

  1. Tyler says:

    This list of manufacturers seems inaccurate. I’ve never seen anything from Hanes made in the US (I’m wearing some Hanes right now that were made in Vietnam). And Fruit of the Loom closed their last US plant in 2014, moving production to Honduras.

  2. Nelda says:

    Fruit of the Loom nor Hanes are made in America, Even Duluth trading company says imported, Just about everything is made in Asia and it falls apart.

  3. SteV says:

    Just bought some hanes mens underwear from usa living away from us at the moment when underwear arrived found underwear that is manufactured in India in the box

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