In Our Rearview, The Andrew Christian “Meet Me In Vegas” Shoot

The Andrew Christian “Meet Me In Vegas” photo shoot and video is a trip we wouldn’t mind recreating this summer. Piling into a single van and heading toward the most adult of playgrounds, this photo shoot lets you ride along with six wildly sexy AC models. By the looks of things they pack light, just enough skimpy undies and swimwear for a fun trip, and a lollipop to lick on along the way. Normally what happens in Vegas actually does stay there. But when the Andrew Christian boys do the strip, we can’t help but throwback to this playful photo shoot and vid. If you still haven’t experienced either, you’re missing out.

The entire “Meet Me In Vegas” campaign is playful, silly, and above all, sexy. The photo shoot has some awesomely flirty stills. One has the gorgeous guy riding shotgun leaning out the window with his underwear around his finger. He tugs at the waistband with his teeth, and we try not to bite down on our bottom lip. The video also has a ton of fun moments. The guys make a stop for gas and play suggestively with the gas pumps, holding them by their waists and bulges. The boys even pull over to take a leak, lining up and sneaking peeks at their neighbors junk. And once they arrive at the pool, things really start to get wet.

What was your favorite moment from the video? Did you watch it more than once to catch your favorite guy in action? Tell us what you though in the comments below, or you can tweet us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Christian

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