Hardhaus: Underwear Made With Courage, Grit And Fortitude


San Francisco based underwear brand Hardhaus took their name from a Norwegian term that describes a type of man who is masculine, rugged, and above all else – brave. “The original hardhaus were men who sailed the turbulent arctic seas in the dark months of winter, braving storms that swept men overboard and tore ships to pieces, to provide for their communities on the rugged Norwegian coast.” This is the spirit that lies at the center of their product.

Though the company has taken the brand name from Norwegian roots, the term applies to a universal ethos of men who work hard at everything they do and take great pride in the results. Just ask founder, Rune Hauge. Dissatisfied with the uncomfortable designer underwear out on the market today, he decided to take matters into his own hands and create a product that not only offered premium quality, but was also versatile enough to wear from office to gym to bedroom.

“Our products are inspired by Scandinavian culture and design traditions, keeping our brand’s story at the forefront,” says Rune. This is apparent in their vivid colors, which capture the mood of the season they’re designing for. While the summer line took inspiration from sand and sun, the upcoming Fall/Winter Collection has us looking forward to the vibes of the Northern Lights.

Every pair of Hardhaus underwear is built to withstand the elements and your longest days. The boxer briefs are all made from a fabric blend of 47.5% cotton, 47.5% modal and 5% elastane to ensure that they will remain comfortable and breathable wear after wear. The garment is both body-defining and cooling, while being supremely soft to the touch: an overall unique and luxurious experience.

Hardhaus is designed to cover all your bases, so you don’t need to think twice about your underwear. No matter what your day entails – working out, presentations, or dates – you can count on the quality, performance, and comfort of Hardhaus.

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