Get Lifted This Weekend In Rounderbum Weekend Trunks

Rounderbum Weekend Trunks

Michael Corleone’s young Italian wife might have made saying the days of the week iconic — Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday — but it’s the Rounderbum Weekend Trunks that make the best days of the week even better. Take a hike (or get blown up in a car) Apollonia, we’ve got it from here: Friday, Saturday, Sunday!

The Rounderbum Weekend Trunks are designed to make sure you’re packed in and ready for lift off. The trunks are low rise hipsters (so they sit just below your hips… and also their super cool, kinda like hipsters). They’ve been built with patented Butt Lift Technology that give extra support to your backside to pull you up and in. A tight tush is always needed when you’re hitting the dance floor from Friday, through Saturday, and into Sunday. And the Rounderbum Weekend Trunks do just that (though we highly recommend you bring all three, and change if you are planning on dancing for 3 days straight).

The Rounderbum Weekend Trunks are 93% cotton and 7% elastane, so they are soft and stretchy. And that’s even without padding. The Rounderbum Weekend Trunks come in a three day set. Each has their own weekend day embroidered in neon across the back of the thick waistband, and a fun and starry Rounderbum logo is stitched right in the front for a fun reminder that the brand is your weekend wear!

As for seams, the backside has a simple center seam and the frontal pouch is contoured with its own seam right up the center. The legs are standard trunk length, and come to just above the middle of your thigh.

All in all, you’ll be a true weekend warrior when you set out Friday and come home Sunday in these babies. They come in a set of three, with color set patterns for each day, and are available in sizes S-XL.

Three pairs of underwear over three wild days. What’s your plan? What would 3 crazy weekend days be for you? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Rounderbum

Photo Credits: Andrew Werner, Rounderbum

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