Derek Rose: Underwear Built To Perfection


London-based luxury brand Derek Rose launched their first collection of underwear in Autumn of 2013. It took them two years to design, develop, and perfect the range that has since become the best selling category on their website. Why? Because when they set out to create a product, they believe in creating the best there is. And when Derek Rose decided to launch an underwear line, they were guided by the idea of improvement, comfort, and quality.

Here’s how it went. Derek Rose assembled a technical team of three experts with over a hundred collective years of experience in underwear production, and asked them to help design a collection that would go far beyond the ordinary — where no compromise would be made on the quality of the product. They sampled every brand they could get their hands on. They tested out numerous fabrics, picked out the finest threads, and considered the most elemental details until they got each and every one right. Because to the Derek Rose brand, putting forward new material isn’t just for the sake of “another range” — it is because they truly believe they can better what is already out there. They launched to improve, and were confident in the work they created: simply the best. 

Derek Rose believes in quality. They believe in creating a better experience for their customers; and, they believe that their product is only as good as its weakest detail.

Influenced by sleek design and minimalism, Derek Rose is not interested in splashing their brand name all over their product. Rather, they let the garments speak for themselves through luxurious textures and craftsmanship, which allows for a timeless style that is both classic and contemporary. This approach to design puts the customer and product first, and follows the Derek Rose mentality of looking and feeling great. Because they are essentially a family business, started with Lou Rose (Derek’s father), and passed on through three generations, they understand the value of customer service, connection, and responsibility. They understand the meaning of heritage, as well as the meaning of moving forward, for a truly unique luxury label.

Maybe this is why their looks can be seen in TV series’ such as Sherlock and films like Harry Potter and The Iron Lady, or worn by style icons such as Liv Tyler who has been shot wearing Derek Rose in Vanity Fair. Sure, they are world renowned for their incredible silk pyjamas, which they have been making since 1926 — but it is their constant innovation and dedication to excellence that keeps the Derek Rose brand growing.

Underwear, it seems, is just the first step.

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For more information on the brand: Derek Rose

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