Behind The Scenes: 2(X)IST S/S 2014: Malibu

Shot along the coast of Malibu on an overcast day, this behind the scenes video for the 2(X)IST S/S 2014 collection shows Andre and the 2(X)IST crew hard at work. But the BTS vid from 2(X)IST isn’t what you’d expect. Sure, it throws the gorgeous Andre Ziehe in the limelight, the camera getting close to his totally ideal body and the brand’s new looks for Spring/Summer 2014. As Andre poses and walks through the tide, we hear “With Many Tears” by Candlegravity. It is a moody song with plenty of piano that gives the hot video a serene aesthetic.

The 2(X)IST S/S 2014 collection is sexy enough and the mellow music fits the atmosphere. Alternating between color and black-and-white also elevates this behind the scenes video. Switching between both works great, and enhances the calming mood the video attempts to capture. Of course Andre, the all-star face of 2(X)IST, is charming on the set (as if he could help it). His presence ties the entire video together, and when you mix his hot sex appeal with the soothing video, the result is one thing: dreamy.

Check out the video below to get backstage access to Andre Ziehe and the 2(X)IST S/S 2014 campaign and let us know what you think by commenting below or tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: 2(X)IST

Video Credit: 2(X)IST

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