Agacio Long Stripes Boxer Brief, Black In Business

Item Reviewed: Agacio Long Stripes Boxer Brief – Black

About The Product: Agacio is underwear designed by men for men, and the Agacio Long Stripes Boxer Black stays true to this motto.  They come in a classic black with barely-there-see-through stripes.  The elastic waistband sits low on the hips.  The closed pouch comfortably supports you.

What We Like: With a classic color and design, these underwear are what I think Don Draper was underneath his suit.  Manly and sexy.

What We Didn’t Like: The waistband fits snugly.

Who We’d Recommend Them To: Executives.

When We’d Wear Them: In the board room.

Describe These Underwear In Three Words: Manly, Comfortable, Confident.


 Boxer Briefs
 Fitted and Closed
Rise: Low
Coverage: Full
Fit: Tight
Waistband: Black 1” waistband with “Agacio” written in white
 78% polyamide, 22% spandex
Retail: $21.95
Collection Colors: Black, Grey, White
Collection Tops: N/A
Collection Bottoms: Boxer briefs
Collection Sizes: S-XL
Made In: Bangladesh

For more information on this brand: Agacio

Photo Credit: Agacio

Product Supplied by Agacio


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