7 Ways The Equmen Core Precision Singlet Improves Your Life

There is more room for improvement than most realize, when it comes to clothing. We take uncomfortable materials and ill-suited fits as normal, especially when it comes to underwear, and never look to up our underwear game. But the Equmen Core Precision Singlet holds function about everything else. This is a list of 7 ways the Equmen Core Precision Singlet will improve your life. It is good for you, and will look good on you.

1. It improves your posture

Equmen Core Precision Singlet

Equmen, as a brand, is all about providing men with the best fits possible that do more than work with what you’ve got, they improve it. Slouching is a large problem, and most people don’t realize its a problem at all. The secret is in Equmen’s Helix Mapping, which pulls your shoulders back for proper alignment.

2. It also reduces back pain

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Because your posture is already being gently coaxed into proper form, your back pain will start to decrease. By supporting the core and enabling proper alignment, your muscles will need to exert less effort to carry your body weight.

3. They fit like a second skin

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No matter the color or fabric combination, the Equmen Core Precision Singlet has a compression-style fit that holds your body like a new layer of skin. The targeted compression slims you in the right areas for a style you can feel and look good in.

4. They support healthy blood flow

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Equmen’s Helix Mapping also supports healthy blood flow. This is of course a good thing, but especially so if the Core Precision Singlet is your go-to look at the gym. Better blood flow means better oxygen and nutrient delivery in your body.

5. The material keeps your dry


The grey singlet is made from a fabric blend of 53% nylon, 29% micropolyester, and 18% spandex. The black and white singlets are made from a blend that is 73% polyester cationi, 13% nylon, and 14% spandex. Either way, the mesh is strategically placed, and the material is moisture wicking and antimicrobial.

6. The look keeps you cool

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The mesh is a great touch to the Equmen Core Precision Singlet that keeps you cool. And whether you are being active or powering through a day at the office, a fit that is supportive and cooling is a great feel to have under your clothes.

7. The look is versatile

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 12.00.42 PM

Available in three colors, and perfect for improving your overall health as your walk around, the Equmen Core Precision singlet can be worn under your work clothes, or can keep you going longer and harder at the gym. No matter how you wear it though, it will also wear you, and fix up health problems you never knew you had.

For more information on this brand: Equmen

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