7 Sexy, Stylin’ Jockstraps


It doesn’t get much sexier than a jockstrap. They’re one of the sexiest styles of men’s underwear, and no matter how you spin it, there’s a hint of athletic-styled sex appeal. But just like any other underwear style, there are basic looks and there are erotic looks, there are different fabrics, and even variations on how the jockstrap is cut. This is our list of the 7 sexiest and most stylish jockstraps around. Check it out.

7. Intymen Sport Pouch Jock


This is a classic jockstrap look from Intymen that hits all the right marks. Available in red and navy, the Intymen Sport Pouch Jock is, well, sporty. Both colors are accented with the white waistband and seams for a look that is straight out of the locker room.

6. Andrew Christian Air Sculpt Boxer


Another classic take on the jockstrap is the Andrew Christian Air Sculpt Comfort Jock. This one comes in powder blue (above), white, and pink. Made from micromodal, this jockstrap has a slim fit great for any body type and a backside that will always have your butt looking its best.

5. Gregg Homme Joxx Jockstrap


The Gregg Homme Joxx Jock Strap comes in black, red, blue, and green. But the color isn’t what we love, its the back. The straps here feature a unique and sexy X-shape that looks flattering across the butt while providing a subtle lift. The black look is solid black all around, while the colors feature the hues on the rear straps and the pouch.

4. Malebasics Lace Jock


Malebasics has a stunning amount of erotic jockstraps, but their lace one is hands-down the best. Available in black, white, and red, the nylon and spandex lace features a floral design that hugs your every curve and accentuates your best asset. The lace carries over across the look’s waistband and straps too. It is hard to say which of the three is the sexiest. But that red though!

3. N2N California Dreamin’ Brief


When it comes to colorful jockstraps that are sexy and energetic, the N2N California Dreamin’ jock is a dream come true. The pouch is where the colors pop, each featuring a stripe pattern with color palettes that are smartly chosen and super attractive. The base color of the jock is the same as the N2N logo on the waistband — either green, purple, red, or prink. This look is also made from rayon, meaning that dreamy pouch will feel heavenly.

2. GoodDevil Exposer Jock


As if a jockstrap’s backside wasn’t sext enough, the GoodDevil Exposer Jock takes a sheer material you can see through and accents it with red, white, or blue. That sheer material is enough to drive anyone wild, because covering your junk up while showing it off only makes them want it more.

1. Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Glimmer Jock


The Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Glimmer Jock is sporty with contrasting colors, stylish with an inventive design, and our personal favorite jock of the moment. It comes in blue accented with yellow, and white accented with blue and yellow. The pouch has these deviously flirty slits near the waistband, and the back covers up the top of your butt. And what about the “glimmer” in the name? The Andrew Christian waistband has been given a glitter trim.

What is your favorite jock from our list? Is there another jockstrap that you love and cherish as your lucky underwear? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Andrew Christian, Good Devil, Gregg Homme, Intymen, Malebasics, N2N

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, Good Devil, Gregg Homme, Intymen, Malebasics, N2N


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