7 Reasons We Remember The Baskit Summer ’11 Campaign

Underwear brand Baskit is incredible when it comes to producing underwear styles that are comfortable to wear and easy to move in. And there is no better way of getting that across than the ad campaign Baskit launched in the summer of 2011. Three years on, we still adore this photo shoot, and aim to emulate it with each passing summer.


Imagine waking up in a tent with this stud as he is getting dressed, his Baskit waistband sitting below his gorgeous, yummy abs. Wearing some summer fashions, this stud is gorgeous and the perfect guy to show of Baskit’s products.


This picture is freakin’ adorable, and has two beautiful guys getting playful and sweet with each other. Whether it is a bromance or something more, we love seeing happy guys in happy-colored undies that peek up from under their pants.


Here our men look more like gym buddies as the get ready to rock climb along the coast. They have a sporty sexiness about them, and there is something so damn hot about a ripped guy going shirtless with a backpack.


The few seconds after this photo was taken must’ve been heavenly. The two guys are standing beside one another and changing behind the car. One is just lifting his shirt to expose those abs. The other is about to be naked. Only in the summer is such an innocent yet sexy act witnessed.


As it turns out though, our two Baskit-wearing hotties didn’t travel alone. The group of friends are all set for the beach, walking with their gear in-hand. And if you look closely, you can see that fashionable Baskit waistband across each of their backs.


This close-up trades the two guys’ gorgeous faces for a delicious side view of abs, and an arm with tattoos. The shot is awesome, the Baskit waistband accented by the rock climbing gear and harness around that irresistible torso.


It may look like a mess, but you know the stud who was wearing those Baskit undies is no longer wearing them. And in this pile of clothes, you know that summer is here. It’s time to get out and move, and once your done, to get out of your clothes.

For more information on this brand: Baskit

What do you think of this old-but-oh-so-goody photo shoot from Baskit? Which shot is your favorite, and most resembles your ideal summer day? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Baskit

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