6 Reasons Why We Love The Baskit Billy Boy Low-Rise Trunk For A Friday Night Out

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You just got paid, it’s Friday night and you’re looking to for the perfect night out! To ensure you’ll have the best night in months, hit the town in a pair of the Baskit Billy Boy Low-Rise Trunks. First released in 2000, Billy Boy is one of Baskit’s most fun and popular collection! From comfy length to its condom pocket, think of this pair of underwear like a wing-man. It will have your back covered the entire night, right up to the point of taking that special someone home. We have come up with a list of 6 reasons why choosing the Baskit Billy Boy Low-Rise Trunk is the best decision you’ll make all night!

1. Confident Colors


The Baskit Billy Boy collection comes in three strong solid colors of blue, red, and green. Once  the underwear is on, you’ll start to feel energized and excited about what the night has in store. Colors have been proven to have health benefits and depending on your mood, each color has its own way to amp up your evening. Blue is known to be calming, so if you’re nervous about a date, throw these bad boys on. Having a bad hair day or can’t find your favorite shirt? Slap on a pair of the red trunks for an instant boost of confidence and sex appeal. If you’re hoping to meet new people, try a pair in green to give off peaceful vibes.

2. They’ll Keep Up With You All Night

Do you end up dancing till the early hours of the morning? If having a good Friday night entails bar hopping or cutting up the dance floor, these pairs of underwear will keep you moving. The entire Billy Boy collection is made from a supreme fabric blend of 96% cotton and 4% elastane, and knowing that means guaranteed comfort until you take them off (trust us you’ll want to take them off by the end of your night) . The cotton will keep its cool while you’re heating things up and the spandex will bend and snap with every move you make.

3. Sleek Design


This look in particular was designed to contour to every body shape while drawing attention to the parts of the nether regions that matter most. The trunks are made with reinforced piping around the crotch to give it an extra boost and the seams down the sides of the legs and the back pull the fabric just tight enough to give definition and highlight those parts you’ll be bumping and grinding all night. While they benefit a man’s torso in the most flattering way, they also distract from areas that normally want to be hidden.

4. Flattering Waistband

The Billy Boy Low-Rise Trunk has a very wide waistband in the same color of the body of the underwear, making it all blend together and without breaking the garment up. The enlarged Baskit logo printed around the entire band draws the eye away from the waist and straight to the waistband and what can be found below. If you’re really looking to impress, make sure the waistband hangs a bit above your pant line, so when you bust out that move that gets everyone cheering, the audience will see that you’re wearing the best!

5. Oldie But A Goodie


This is one of Baskit’s most popular and in demand collections! The collection was launched in 2000 and was brought back by popular demand year after year. Just wearing this pair of underwear from this collection shows that you have fine taste and anyone who has a chance with you should know that! Entice and prove that you’re a man with class.

6. The Exclusive Condom Pocket

If you worked the dance floor the way you planned on it, chances are you caught someone’s eye and have bought them a drink by now. Staying up all night to get lucky takes some skill, but this pair of underwear has already been working for you since you put it on. The discreet condom pocket sewn into the inside of the underwear comes with a BillyBoy condom, Germany’s number one condom brand. If your guest accepts an invitation for a night cap, they’ll be even more fascinated knowing you have come prepared and are ready for action! So enjoy your Friday night, and next weekend see how your chances fair with the Billy Boy Brief!

Have you scored in the Baskit Billy Boy Low-Rise Trunk yet? If so, share your story with us by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

The Baskit Billy Boy Low-Rise Trunk is available in sizes S-XL.

Fore more information on the brand: Baskit

Photo Credit: Baskit and Alex King

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