10 Reasons Obviously Is Your New Favorite Brand


Australian underwear brand Obviously holds comfort as a top priority when designing their underwear looks. It’s their belief that a man should look and feel his best at all times, and that style and comfort can go hand-in-hand without stepping on the toes of the other. According their site, their “rigorous engineering and design process would put most aircraft manufacturers to shame.” They then go on to say that it wasn’t chance that led them to create the the world’s most comfortable underwear. It is that apparent dedication to quality that makes Obviously a great brand. This is our list of 10 reasons we loveObviously enough to call it a new favorite brand. And it all comes down to their two fabric styles, the EveryMan Range and the Modal Range.

1.  EveryMan Range, with Bamboo Rayon


Looks that are made for Obviously’s EveryMan Range are made from a lightweight bamboo rayon that is sleek and smooth like silk. The fibers of the bamboo rayon are also thinner than human hair. This lets them offer the support you need and the freedom you want.

2. Modal Range, with Lenzing Modal


The Modal Range from Obviously uses lenzing modal for its looks. Modal is made from beech trees, and the lenzing modal is lightweight enough to feel like air. The softness is great for anyone with sensitive skin or anyone prone to chafing. The material is also breathable and durable.

3. Fade-Resistant, For Forever


The dye process used by Obviously treats the clothes in a way that really binds the dye to the fibers. This means that Obviously underwear won’t bleed in the washer and can be mixed with lights and darks. With Obviously, your underwear’s color won’t fade no matter how often you wear them.

4. Eco-Friendly For Everyone


Both Obviously’s lenzing modal and bamboo rayon are biodegradable and grown free of pesticides and herbicides. This is something that most people wouldn’t think about beyond the food they eat. But Obviously cares about the fabrics on our bodies and uses materials that are easy on Mother Earth. Both fabrics’s plants are also grown with little water.

5. Gone Green, For Your Protection


It really is special that Obviously uses natural materials for their underwear looks. Unfortunately, over 90% of cotton used today is made with genetically modified fibers. And while you don’t ingest these modified fabrics, your skin is absorbent enough to pick up toxins and chemicals from them. For instance, BT (Bacillus Thuringiensis) is commonly found on genetically modified fabrics and can cause inflammatory bowel disease. Yikes!

6. Moisture Meets Its Match


Both the lenzing modal and bamboo rayon are also moisture-wicking. Compared to cotton, lenzing modal obsorbs 50% more moisture. And what is even more impressive, the bamboo rayon can absorb up to three times its weight in water. Because of this, Obviously underwear is also great for exercises where you break a sweat. Which should be all of them.

7. 5-Star, 5 Seam Design


Each look made by Obviously includes 5 seams, each of which is specifically selected and placed to maximize your comfort. This prevents any squishing from happening to your most intimate parts. And not only that, but the freedom from the pouch can improve your genital health and virility.

8. Smart Temperature Control 


Both the lenzing modal and the bamboo rayon will keep you 2 degrees cooler in the summer, which depending on where you live is absolutely priceless. But not only that, both materials will also keep you warmer in the winter, even if they get wet.

9. Don’t Sweat The Sun


Lenzing modal and bamboo rayon are both UV resistant as well. This combined with their moisture-wicking abilities makes them great for combatting a  sweltering and sweaty day. The bamboo rayon from the EveryMan Range is also naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and hypoallergenic.

10. Fit With Finesse


Of course, the most obvious thing you’ll notice about any underwear material is how it fits on your body. Both the EveryMan Range and Modal Range fit your body nice and snug. Obviously underwear won’t fall down during the day or show your ‘plumber’s crack’ when you bend over. They won’t chafe when you move around. But they will, obviously, be your new favorite.

What is your favorite thing about Obviously? If you had to choose one, would you go for their EveryMan Range, or their Modal Range? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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