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Look, we’re all wise to how it works. Fashion trends come in and go out of style in the blink of an eye . For a while a particular pattern is in, say paisley, and the next thing you know it’s old news and so two years ago (apologies paisley, it’s just as an example, you know I love you).

This is when we take a cue from The French Fashionistas who always advise: “only wear ze solid colors, for zey never go out of style.”

“But Stereotypical-sounding French Person,”  we cry, “plain solid colors are so…  plain.” It’s time we took matters into our own hands. And so, color blocking was born.

You know what color blocking is. It’s the fashion equivalent of a primary school art class painting. Giant swaths of color — both complimentary and contrasting — are thrown together for a collage effect that’s like seeing a rainbow on acid. AND WE LOVE IT!

We’re not the only ones. What started in outerwear has quickly made its way to our wonderful world of underwear. If you want to go for the color blocking gold, you’ll want to start with the Rounderbum Anatomic World Cup Series ($22.50), especially perfect for this season since it is inspired by national flags of well-respected World Cup teams. Brazil, Spain, Mexico; after all, national flags were color blocking back when fashions included whale bone.

If you’re looking to take color blocking to an insanely joyful level, get yourself any one of the Happy Socks Five Color Socks ($12) with 5 whole color blocks on each! There’s a reason they are called Happy Socks, and there’s a reason why kids love art class. You do the math.

Of course, color blocking doesn’t have to just be wild and random color combos. A lot of designers have found more aesthetic ways to integrate the trend into their looks. One way is to utilize the structural design of the underwear itself. Check out Calvin Klein’s Dual Tone Series ($24/$28), Andrew Christian’s Almost Naked Collection ($17.45) and Color Vibe ($13.93) as well as Atelier-DT’s Colour Boxer Briefs ($34.99) and Color Sports Briefs ($32.49) for looks that use the waistband and lining for effectively eye-catching color blocking. N2N’s Signature series also relies on the structure of their look to color block instead of block your… yes, you get it.

For color blocking majesty that relies on the placement and design of the pouch, check out The Cocksox CSX68 ($29.80), the Bodyaware Latex Contrast Thong ($40), Zig Zag Shorts ($20) or contrast fishnets ($20). The Bodyaware looks prove that color blocking isn’t just for good boys and girls but for the naughty ones too.

But if you want to go a bit old school with your colors, check out the Aussiebum Whiskey Oak ($18.77), a jock who’s color blocking looks like a fantastic Instagram filter. Same goes for their bathing suits such as the Old School Groovy ($42.73 ) and the Handlebar Toro ($41.28).

Then there are the designs that bust out the color blocking big guns. We’re talking a crayon box on steroids! Big colors, bold design, and as with any of these brands, a feel that’s as good as they look. Freedom Reigns offers a whole line of red, white, and blue color blocking ($30-$35), and PUMP! Underwear has the Titan Jogger ($32), the Raver Brief ($28) and the Blue Fuel Neon ($22) as just three examples of what it means to throw a look down on the pinwheel and see what fuses.

Will color blocking go out of style? We don’t think so. It’s been around a lot longer than we realize. Remember Joseph and his “Amazing” Technicolor Dreamcoat? Yeah, that’s right: color blocking. After all, that dang coat was red and yellow and green and orange and BLUE!

Here’s a challenge for you. How many different colors can you color block with? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands:  Calvin KleinRounderbum, Andrew Christian, Atelier-DT, Aussiebum, Bodyaware, Cocksox, Freedom Reigns, N2N, PUMP!


Photo Credit: Rounderbum, Andrew Christian, Atelier-DT, Aussiebum, Bodyaware, Cocksox, Freedom Reigns, N2N, PUMP!


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