Skin VS. More Skin: The N2N Sport Split And Euro Split Shorts

These sporty new shorts from N2N have that old-school jock charm to them, a throw-back to the good old days when sports uniforms showed a little more skin. The Sport Split Short ($30) and the Euro Split Short ($34) are both made of 100% nylon making them extra breathable and ideal for working out, or any active where you might break a sweat. Both cuts are flattering and sexy, complete with athletic-inspired stripes. These are almost too hot for shirts vs skins. With the Sport Split and Euro Split shorts, it is more like skins vs. less skin.

The Sport Split Short has mesh ventilated panels, because who doesn’t feel great working out with mesh on them? There are perfect for keeping you cool while you burn off calories and stress, and revealing enough to make you feel attractive while in motion. Without pockets, this short hugs your hips and comes with a drawstring cord for the ideal fit. The Euro Split Short is a bit more tantalizing. Each leg has a split in it to show off some thigh, super sporty and equally intriguing. They also have a built-in pouch to hold your junk and are just a tad see-through. Wear these bad boys and guys will definitely being doing a double take in the locker room.

The N2N Sport Split And Euro Split Shorts are available in sizes S-XL.

Which cut would you rather see that hot personal trainer at the gym wearing on his off day? Are these looks already making you break a sweat? We want to know what you’re thinking. Share your thoughts in the comments below, or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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