Sink Your Teeth Into Blue Collar Snake Charmer Trunks

The new Blue Collar Snake Charmer Trunks are something you’ll want to wrap your hands around. Made from a fabric blend that is form-fitting and lightweight (95% viscose, 5% spandex), the snake charmer trunks have a flattering cut. Available in two printed designs, these undies are flashy and a good pair to let slither into your underwear line-up if you want to break the mold.

The black pair has an understated print that looks something like street art. The pattern has a touch of shine to it, and there is contrasting white stitching around the crotch and leg openings. The brand name is also printed in white on the waistband. The black and white pair has a trendy snakeskin pattern on it, a sexy layer you’ll want to sink your teeth into. The fabric also shows off your body and all its assets. This makes us wonder, is the snake charmer the person wearing these trunks, or the one taking them off?

Can you handle the bite of these trendy trunks? Let us know in the comments below, or you can tweet us @underwearexpert.

The Snake Charmer Trunk Black is available in sizes S-XL. The White and Black Snake Charmer Trunk is available in sizes S-L.

For more information on this brand: Blue Collar

Photo Credit: Blue Collar

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