Q&A With André Ziehe, The Face of 2(X)IST

It was our pleasure to speak with sexy Brazilian model André Ziehe again. This stunner is the face of underwear brand 2(X)IST, known for looks that are trendy and provocative, packing a lot of sex appeal. We got to speak with André before, nearly two years ago in November 2012 for an interview about a photo shoot he did with Glamaholic, and the fashion trends at the time. But since then, André, who has posed for 2(X)IST since 2010, has doubled his time as a model. Everyone knows a lot can change in a year, and even more changes in two. One thing that thankfully hasn’t changed though, is that André Ziehe is invited to be the gorgeous face for this hot brand.

Pick this beauty’s brain with us and read our Q&A with him below. He discusses the brand he knows best, personal favorites from upcoming looks, and his adventurous career as a model. You can also enjoy images of André Ziehe doing what he does best along the way — looking utterly and irresistibly sexy in attractive looks from 2(X)IST.

As far as I know, you’ve been a part of the 2(X)IST family since 2010 and the official face of the brand for the past few years. How does that make you feel and how has the honor benefitted your modeling career?

For me, it has been a huge honor to be the face of 2(X)IST for the past 4 years. It makes me feel proud of the job that I’ve been delivering to the company and gives me confidence to keep achieving great results with my modeling career.

Did you always want to be an underwear/swimwear model? Why or why not?

I never planned to be a model… it all happened through circumstance. Having the chance to be both an underwear and ready-to-wear model, as I do, is really satisfying. It means that I have a bigger range of possibilities to explore as a professional model.


What other forms of modeling do you enjoy or want to try?

I enjoy every type of modeling, from fashion shows to print and from underwear to suits. I’m also happy that 2(X)IST is coming out with an activewear line because it gives me the opportunity to model differently and experience a “less naked” version of modeling with the company, hahaha.

Why do you think 2(X)IST chose you in the first place, and what are the qualities that have kept you on their campaigns, year after year?

I honestly don’t know what made them choose me in the first place, but I believe that the response from the company and their clients has been positive for the past few seasons. Working with 2(X)IST is a mutual pleasure, the energy is the best on every job. That also have helped make me their model year after year.

What is it about the brand that keeps you coming back every year?

2(X)IST is a modern, sexy and sporty fashion brand. These are features that I appreciate and try to incorporate into my life.

Of the 2014 collections, which is your favorite in both the underwear and swimwear lines?

Briefs are always my favorite underwear, the long underwear is amazing when it’s cold and/or to sleep. For the swimwear lines, my favorites are the mid-length shorts. The Block Stripe Hampton Swim and the Awning Stripe Hampton Swim are my favorite patterns.

Do you have a preferred style or cut you like?

My underwear style is very basic and clean. My favorite cut are the briefs and my colors usually go from black, gray and white or shades of my favorite color, blue.

Out of everything involved in being the face of a brand, what is your favorite part? The photo shoots, fashion show, trade shows or anything else you do for the job?

My favorite part is meeting up with the crew to do every kind of job. Traveling for work with 2(X)IST is always an amazing experience.

2(X)IST has been venturing off into other parts of fashion such as accessories, outerwear, and activewear. What are you most excited about as the face of the brand? Do you have any new favorites?

I’m excited about every new 2(X)IST line. The watches are great, the outerwear and activewear are both really comfy — mixing both sporting and fashion styles. I already have a few pickings from each line.

What is the most exciting thing you’ve been able to do or the coolest place working for 2(X)IST has taken you?

The most exciting things I’ve done for 2(X)IST were the music videos and some of the acting for special ads, or the last fashion show. I don’t plan to be an actor but acting for fun has been huge pleasure to me.

The coolest place I’ve been with 2(X)IST was architect Harry Gesner’s house in Malibu, CA (used as location for the S/S2014 advertising campaign), where I had the pleasure to meet him and his family and have an inspiring and fun conversation.

Is there anything else you would like to add about working for 2(X)IST?

Working with 2(X)IST is always a big pleasure. Everyone from the company, from the president to designers and the receptionist at the main office are always fun and kind to me. 2(X)IST is definitely one of the best crews that a model can dream to work with in the whole world. Obrigado 2(X)IST!!

What do you think about the stunning Andre Ziehe’s interview with us? What are you thoughs on the 2(X)IST brand, and their lines of underwear, swimwear, and activewear? We want to hear your thoughts. Feel free to leave a comment below, or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: 2(X)ist

Photo Credit: 2(X)IST, The Underwear Expert, Glamaholic, Tumblr

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