N2N LAX Swimwear, Spotlight In The Sunlight

N2N really know how to produce looks that are flattering to the male physique. No wonder their new swim looks are so mouth-watering. The LAX Swim Bikini ($28) is a skimpy piece of swimwear for those who aren’t afraid of the spotlight, especially on sunny poolside days or walks along the beach. There isn’t a whole lot of material to this look, but what is there is made from a soft, body-hugging fabric blend (83% nylon and 17% spandex). And with so little to look at, everyone’s eyes will be drawn to the Nhance pouch.

Available in black, royal blue, and lime green, the LAX swim bikini draws the focus to the pouch, and commands absolute attention. The Nhance pouch, if you don’t know already, is a trademark feature for several of N2N’s looks. It lifts and supports your package, giving you a bulge with an utterly seductive silhouette. Combining the pouch with a swim look is both genius and bold. This look is pure summer sex appeal, no two ways about it. Just image the tan lines and attention the LAX swim bikini will bring you.

Do you have it in you to show off for all those at the beach who care to stare? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

The N2N Lax Swim collection is available in sizes S-XL.

For more information on this brand: N2N

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