Mack Weldon Father’s Day Video

Mack Weldon Father's Day

This Father’s Day, Alyssa Arce, Playboy Playmate and Miss July, is wearing some Mack Weldon underwear, socks, and a tank in conjunction with the Mack Weldon Father’s Day Outrageous Gift Guide.

The Mack Weldon Outrageous Gift Guide is a top ten list of gifts that would blow your father out of the water, from a bat mobile and submarine to a hot tub boat and grill. The number one choice, of course, is Mack Weldon underwear.

Mack Weldon fuses old-school quality and modern-day technology to bring consumers an ultra-premium product. Founded in 2012 by former Silicon Valley computer specialist Brian Berger and fashion designer Michael Isaacman, Mack Weldon offers solutions to common problems associated with men’s underwear.

“The experience of buying underwear—from the pilgrimage to the department store, to the endless sea of ever-changing product—had to be fixed. A tattered mess of underwear and socks, and an ambitious goal to change the status quo, is why we created this brand,” according to the company.

Check out the guide below as well as the video for number one starring Arce. Will you be choosing Mack Weldon for your dad? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information about this brand: Mack Weldon

Photo/Video Credit: Mack Weldon

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