The Ken Wroy Brazil Fever Collection

The highly-anticipated Brazil Fever Collection from Ken Wroy has finally arrived — just in time to sit in your underwear at home and enjoy the sexy men playing in the World Cup. The new Brazil Fever Collection is all about fun in the sun, warm ocean waters, dancing, and soccer. It aims and succeeds in capturing the essence of Brazil in looks that are sexy and functional, fashionable and comfortable. The collection includes 6 different looks and 4 styles. They’re all sexy, without a doubt, and have some snazzy metallic waistbands. They’re also made from high-quality microfiber (89% polyester and 11% spandex), perfect for keeping cool and wicking moisture.

Underwear Tease: The Ken Wroy Brazil Sensation Campaign

The Brazil Flag looks are inspired by the inner-Brazilian in all of us. They flaunt national pride and mix it with “sun, sex, and samba.” Camo-Favela is inspired by the urban slums of Brazil, complete with several colors and a street-wise attitude. Then, inspired by the Brazilian form of martial arts meets dancing, there’s the Capoeira looks — artistic, with a splash of color on the rear of the white undies. The Birdie looks take things to the rainforest. With a bright orange body and colorful bird designs, they evoke the Brazilian jungle and will definitely leave you feeling vitaminized! The Jesus of Rio print looks divine & inviting with the cool sunset ombre effect. And finally, the Copacabana look bring us to the water, with a design inspired by the waves and beaches of the exotic locale.

The Brazil Fever briefs show the most skin, but aren’t overly-revealing. The fabric sits high on the hips and hugs your bum nicely around the back. The Capoeira brief is in particular attractive — the minimal white really lets the design on the back stand out. The Camo-Favela looks also have some great use of color. The style sticks to an earthly, urban palette and the pattern is reminiscent of rooftops in urban Brazil.

The Brazil Flag style, however, is the most iconic. With the Brazilian flag printed across the fabric and a bright yellow base, these are perfect for the World Cup and any occasion after when you want to represent one of the world’s hottest, sexiest locations. For all styles other than the brief, the Capoeira and Copacabana looks are available for $30, and the rest for $34.

The Ken Wroy Brazil Fever Collection is available in sizes S-XL.

Check out the gallery below to see more of the Ken Wroy Brazil Fever Collection. Which looks and styles are your favorite? Which do you think are the sexiest? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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