Joe’s Superfine Boxer Button-Fly, Casual Class

The Joe’s Superfine Boxer Button-Fly has all the makings of a go-to pair of underwear, and it pulls out all the right stops. The boxer is a lightweight, loose-fitting pair for a laid-back look. The button on the fly dresses it up a little, but this is a casual pair for any situation you want to be comfortable in. It’s very versatile. It could be worn by a business executive under a suit, or by an average Joe lounging around at home. Don’t be fooled however — there isn’t anything average about this boxer.

Made from a super comfortable fabric blend (89% cotton compact and 11% elastane), the Joe’s Superfine Boxer Button-Fly ($35) is available in black and gray. The black pair is solid black through and through, the body and the waistband. The gray pair however has a two-tone look. The waistband is a slightly darker gray than the rest of the underwear. On both, the brand name is repeated along the waistband in slightly reflective lettering.

The Joe’s Superfine Boxer Button-Fly is available in S, M, and XL.

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