Get The Baskit Urban Basics Briefs For $12 Dollar This Tuesday!


Good underwear needs no gussying up and the Baskit Urban Basics Briefs (normally $21) are a prime example. However, these basics are actually anything but. And to prove it, Baskit has offered this prime package real estate for a special $12 deal this Tuesday only!

The Baskit Urban Basics Briefs are for the man who likes to KISS. We’re talking about the acronym from our primary school days, of course: Keep It Simple, Stupid. That is what these low waisted, 95% cotton/5% elastane, briefs do.

Looks however are deceiving. The Baskit Urban Basic Briefs are well cut. The briefs ride high up the thigh, creating a narrower gap between waistband and brief than most basic briefs. Their pouch is seamless and designed for an amazing and comfortable fit. The waistband is medium width, and sewn into the briefs themselves. The Baskit name, separated by the two slash marks, is centered just below the navel  and repeated around the band with space in between each. The coloring between the two orange/red racing stripes is slightly darker than the actual brief fabric adding a designed look that is not over the top but not oversimplified either.

The backside of The Baskit Urban Basics Briefs is designed with mold in mind. They hug your behind and accentuate your backside with elegant grace. These briefs remind us that going back to basics is actually taking a big step forward.

They are available in black or white with orange stripes on the band and come in all sizes from S-XL. Order this Tuesday and get The Baskit Urban Basics Briefs for $12!

Ever gone back to the basics? When have you rebooted your life or look? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert

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