Get Lucky With The N2N Luxe 2.0 Collection

Keeping it clean while daring to play dirty, the new Luxe 2.0 collection from N2N has a sophisticated, sensual personality. The collection features a brief, trunk, jockstrap, and a bikini. Each look is available in black, white, and a currently fashion-forward teal. The fabric blend (97% rayon and 3% spandex) promises to be “the most soft, sensuous and supple fabric you’ll ever experience.” These looks are so classy, they’re the sharpest underwear you’ll want to touch.

Each pair has a black waistband, the brand name, and “Made in Los Angeles” printed on the elastic. The bikini ($24) might be the sexiest cut of the bunch. Trading coverage for leg mobility, the waistband stands out. And if you look at the gallery, you’ll see that the waistband is the only thing touching your hips. The brief ($25) is another sensual look. It’s cut like a cross between a trunk and a bikini, the perfect middle ground for those wanting to sex it up without feeling like they’re wearing a secret under their clothes.

Of course, it is hard to image a more intriguing look than a jockstrap. The jock in this collection ($23) isn’t afraid to show off as much skin as possible. But the crisp look of the waistband keeps the pair refined.

Which cut of the N2N Luxe 2.0 collection do you think blends sexy and class the best? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Looks in the N2N Luxe 2.0 collection are available in sizes S-XL.

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