Brazil Themed Underwear Will Bring You World Cup Fever!

Brazil Themed Underwear

World Cup starts on June 12th – wait a minute, that’s NOW! How had we not realized? It’s not like we’ve been holed up in our offices scouring the Internet for the hottest new underwear trends with such commitment that we… oh, wait.

Well, luckily for us (and you) there is a trend sweeping the world and the underwear scene at this very moment. It’s (you guessed it) Brazil Themed Underwear. There are so many great greens and yellow combos out there we’ve been screaming “Olé, olé olé olé, olé, olé!” And our office neighbors are none too pleased.

We’ve managed to put together quite the package of Brazil themed underwear for you and your package. Whether you are flying down to Rio, or getting comfy on your couch with the TV volume on high you’ll definitely want to get fitted for the whole 120 yards.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Step 1: Socks! Every footballer knows that without a good pair the game is over. The Happy Socks Green Optic Socks ($12) are the perfect shade of green, and with yellow stitching in a mind blowing pattern you’re sure to impress Pelé himself.

Step 2: Underwear. Playing soccer or watching it doesn’t matter. Both are quite the activity. And we’ve got some great Brazil themed underwear for you to choose from.  If you’re looking for support check out the Garcon Model Trunks ($34), the Muchachomalo Brazil 2-pack (€29.95), the Calvin Klein Limited Edition Global Trunk ($25.50),  the Rounderbum Anatomic World Cup Collection ($22.50), or the Papi Cotton Stretch Brazil trunks ($28). All of these football-ready, mid-to-long leg selections will guarantee you stay tucked in whether you just bicycle kicked the game-winner or got a red card for shouting obscenities at your television. If you want support but don’t want all that fabric, then go with the Baskit Ribbed Jock ($18) or the Mensuas Brazil Flag Boxer Briefs ($16.28). Wearing them will help you avoid the personally tropical temperatures when you get overheated from playing or cheering.

Step 3: Bathing Suit. If you’re in Rio, you’re hitting the beach. Heck, even if you’re in you’re apartment you’ll be so worked up you’ll need to hit the pool. Either way, you need a bathing suit. Slip into the Clever Brasil Swim Brief ($46.50), throw on a swim cap from Funky Trunks ($70), and of course the Brazil Surf String Tank ($55) from LASC and you’re good to go!

World Cup only comes around once every four years so you better get geared up with the best Brazil themed underwear and root, root, root for your country’s team!

For more information on these brands: Garcon Model, Calvin Klein Underwear, Clever, Happy Socks, Papi, Baskit, MuchachomaloLASC, Rounderbum, Mensuas, Funky Trunks

Photo Credits:  Garcon Model, Calvin Klein Underwear, Clever, Happy Socks, Papi, Baskit, Muchachomalo, LASC, Funky Trunks, Mensuas, Rounderbum


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