Bold, Distinct, Comfortable: Piado Underwear

Claudio Fofiu started Piado underwear at a time when big retail stores were selling only black, white, navy blue, and grey underwear. He wanted to add some color in what he believed was this plain and boring category of a man’s wardrobe. He also wanted to be innovative.

Through research, he realized that alternative fabrics like bamboo could be not only a viable option but would also make the underwear comfortable. The partial eco-friendliness aspect of bamboo was also appealing and a factor in choosing the fabric.

The season of Spring inspired the colors of the Piado collection. As for the design, Fofiu wanted to make it practical, comfortable, and something that could be enjoyed for a long time. He sees it as a fashion accessory (just like everyone is wearing color socks nowadays), not a necessity. “The one wearing Piado should feel comfortable showing some color peaking through their jeans,” he says.

The mission of Piado, for Fofiu, is to provide a high quality of distinct fabrics, bold colors, and comfortable underwear.

Growing up in Europe, fashion was always part of Fofiu’s life. He always watched what people were wearing and tried to out-do their style. He graduated from a technical college in the US. After school, fashion — in particular men’s underwear — remained a passion for him, and the challenges of owning a brand were intriguing.

One of Fofiu’s main challenges is putting his brand into the hands of  customers. “The customer is what makes the brand; without the customer Piado wouldn’t exist — so the customer is held in very high regards,” Fofiu says. “They should always know that they will be taken care of and never be disappointed. If someone has any problems with their Piados, it only takes an email to make a request. We will make sure no one will be dissatisfied.

“We will reward our customer with free underwear if issues are raised. We cannot risk losing a loyal customer over a pair of underwear. Period! We believe in our product, and we believe that anyone who tries them on would like it,” he continues.

Piado’s main sale outlet is, but it also does business with Fab, Underwear Society and a few other retailers in Europe and Australia. Social media plays a pivotal role in the company’s interaction with customers. “Print doesn’t seem to work for us,” Fofiu says. “Maybe it works for the big and established brands, but we rely on organic word of mouth and social media.”

So far, the word of mouth about Paido has been positive. One person writes, “As the wife of a very manly man, I was delighted when my husband finally admitted to me that the new underwear that I had got for him was the most comfortable he had ever worn. You see, underwear had never been very important to him, it was purely functional and not an item that required much thought. His first pair of Piado’s have forever changed the way he views his underwear and he now has a dozen pairs and refuses to wear any other brand.”

Another person remarks, “When a friend recommended Piado, we were at one of my charity events, and he not only told me about them but stood up and dropped his jeans to show me – now that is a satisfied customer!”

While the underwear is a more personal fashion accessory and not necessarily easily displayed, Fofiu hopes to expand Piado to offer other fashion accessories to mix such as ties, bow-ties and socks to name a few. Long term, Fofiu hopes to further expand into the home/lounge wear front.

For more information about this brand: Piado

Photo Credit: David Vance

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