Behind The Scenes: Ken Wroy Brazil Fever

By now you have probably seen the Brazil Fever Collection from Ken Wroy, but there is no way you know how sexy the new looks are unless you see them in motion. The Behind The Scenes video for the shoot really shows the inspiration behind the new collection: fun and warmth. We get to see some beautiful, ripped Capoeira dancers move and balance, flexing their muscles. We see the models getting rubbed down, prepped for the photo shoot. And of course, there is a Brazilian flag, waving proudly.

The best part of the BTS video, though, is the group dancing that happens about half-way through. Led by two shirtless studs, the entire crew shakes their stuff and sways along. It’s that kind of fun energy that the collection is all about, and this video really embodies that. The models really know how to move, and the crew has plenty of fun trying to dance to their own beat. Watch this video, and you’ll want to get a taste of Brazil from the Brazil Fever Collection.

Watch the video attached below. What do you think of the underwear and the models? Do you wish you could dance along and party with these guys? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Ken Wroy

Photo Credit: Ken Wroy

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