Beckham’s Underwear Hang-up?

Beckham's Underwear Hang-Up

Let’s start off by stating some numbers. One number in particular, actually. That number is 39. And 39 is the age of David Beckham. It’s hard to believe. We’ve become so used to seeing the handsome British footballer on billboards and in TV ad campaigns, always barely clad, showing off his underwear line with H&M or their new swimwear line that we just lost track of time.

Without question, Becks looks great for 39.  But what’s this about Beckham’s underwear hang-up? Seems it’s possible we might not be seeing him — or at least as much of him — anymore. In a recent interview with Metro, the half-sheet rag handed out in subways across the country, Beckham admitted that his modeling days are coming to a close.

“Obviously,” he said, “I’m 39 years old now and I don’t think people want to see me in my underwear beyond this age. I’m still comfortable doing it but there will be a point pretty soon that I’ll hang my underwear up.”

So what does this mean for the man who can bend the ball, the heart of a Spice Girl, and football fanatics’ nerves the world over? Is he going to retire, take Posh and disappear to a quiet spot on the French Riviera? Is he going  to return to his birthplace in Hackney London and open a memorabilia shop?  Will he partner up with Richard Branson for the first paid moonshot (cause that’s what rich and famous people do)?

Only time will tell. But there is one thing Beckham is pretty sure he doesn’t want to do. He has no interest in acting. When Metro US asked him if he would like to go into it he responded to the point. “Umm, no.” Even though he has worked with the likes of Guy Ritchie and Sports Relief he doesn’t have an interest in a full time movie career. Although after giving it some thought he finished by saying “but you never know, you never know.” I guess footballs aren’t the only thing Beckham can bend.

Whatever he decides to do after the underwear modeling is over is up to Becks. Until then we will enjoy seeing him on the billboards across the world and pretending we will look just as good as he does in underwear.

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