Agacio Model Photos Show Us A Classy Way To Relax


Agacio wants us to relax. And based on this Agacio editorial they want us to do it in their brand. These great model pics highlight two things: what it means to be comfortable and gorgeous.

Set in a laid back apartment these Agacio model photos remind us how to take some personal time. Even in a hectic day its possible to squeeze in a few moments, strip down to our basics, and kick back.  We’re particularly fond of the window peaking pic. Is anyone out there? Are they wondering where he’s gone?

What’s your favorite time of day to take a personal moment of relaxation? Will it be like these Agacio model photos? Will you strip down to your undies to do it? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Agacio

Photo Credit: Agacio


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