7 Model Twitters You Should Follow

A day in the life of a model is something most people never get to experience. From their glamorous careers to their down-to-earth days off the catwalk, these guys have charming and envy-inducing lives that make us swoon in under 140 characters. These are some model twitters we simply adore to follow.

1. Adrien Sahores

This adorable guy has a Twitter feed that is so human you could almost forget he was a model, but he is too beautiful to let that happen. With posts on his fantastic photo shoots as well as his social life and trips to gorgeous destinations, you can at least pretend to be in his shoes. You can follow Adrein Sahores @SahoresAdrein.

2. Colby Melvin 

A total stud with a clever sense of humor and plenty of muscles to feast your eyes on, you could get lost in Colby Melvin’s Twitter. From his extravagant party life, to his humorous observations on those around him, this guy is a beefcake worth listening to. Follow Colby @colbymelvin.

3. Matthew Terry

Matthew Terry is a definite cutie, and his Twitter feed is full of inspirational thoughts and interesting perspectives. Not only is Matthew easy on the eyes, but he is pretty bright and eloquent. Follow Matthew Terry @MrMattTerry.

4. Phil Fusco

Following fitness model Phil Fusco on Twitter could be all the motivation you need to stick to your gym routine. He tweets about his gym life, and of course links to pics of his body that is nothing but layers of muscle and sexiness. Follow Phil Fusco @philip_fusco.

5. Simon Nessman 

This lovable model has a Twitter that is overflowing with personality. On his Twitter, Simon shares his thoughts as well as funny complaints about wanting to stay in bed and only wear black clothing. And you also get to see more pics of his totally delicious body and sweet, boyish face. You can follow Simon @simonnessman.

6. Vincent Alexander

Vincent Alexander’s Twitter is like a stream of his modeling shots, his gym routine, and his personal philosophies on life. Either way he effortlessly captures our attention. From stills of his toned, smooth chest, to his celebration of killing a pesky mosquito, we are definitely reading. Follow Vincent on Twitter @vincentazz.

7. Max Wettstein 

Max’s Twitter is all about his fitness and his modeling. Either way, it’s really about his body, keeping it in great shape, and all the work he puts into it. Max Wettstein is a fitness model, and both his body and exercise advice are priceless. You can follow Max Wettstein on Twitter @Max_Wettstein.

What do you think of our models and their Twitter feeds? Are there any other hotties you feel should’ve made the list? Let us know in the comments below, or you can tweet us @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Twitter, Instagram, The Underwear Expert, Max Wettstein Fitness



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