[VIDEO] Henrik Lundqvist Shares Why He Loves Bread & Boxers


Earlier this year, we announced that New York Rangers goalie, Henrik Lundqvist had partnered with Bread & Boxers, a luxury underwear brand based in Sweden —  also Lundqvist’s home country.

Lundqvist has always  been an ambassador for the brand, which began in 2008 by two friends, one of them being friends with Lundqvist since childhood. CEO Alexander Palmgren and friend of Henrik stated, “knowing Hank for many years, I’ve been fascinated by his ability to move between different worlds, yet he stays true to his values and heritage. He’s a successful athlete, living a high life in New York, yet he still appreciates the small but pleasurable things in life. Hank represents the essence of Bread & Boxers.”

Henrik Lundqvist Partners with Bread & Boxers

In one of his first videos to promote the partnership with Bread & Boxers, Lundqvist sat down with the Style Director of Forbes, Joseph DeAcetis, to discuss his infatuation with the brand further. During the video, produced by Forbes.com, Lundqvist shares his personal style secrets, all that arise from one, top priority: comfort.

He goes on to share how his style from the last 7-8 years focuses around his need for comfort, and how Bread & Boxers perfectly aligns with his needs, especially their undergarments. “When you look at this product it is very simple, when it comes to color and to the sign. It’s part of your everyday routine and that’s where the Bread & Boxers comes into place,” Lundqvist said in the video.

To hear more of what he has to share with Joseph DeAcetis about Bread & Boxers, watch the entire video below. After watching the video, share your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: Bread & Boxers

Video Credit: Forbes

Photo Credit: Bread & Boxers

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