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Premier underwear Los Angeles based-brand, CellBlock 13 has done the unthinkable by successfully combining fashion with fetish, with the debut of their newest collection, G-Force.

The collection is inspired by locker rooms that everyone has spent time in, modeled after Jr. High and High School gyms, where jocks ruled in their jockstraps. The brand new collection is comprised of three styles: jockstraps ($28), shorts ($44) and singlets ($69). The jockstraps are made out of a black stretch sports mesh that is surrounded by a contrast color binding in four different colors to choose from: yellow, red, blue, and grey. Both the shorts and the singlets are made with high-density spandex and stretch sports mesh in the four different color patterns.

While the brand is notorious for appealing to those in the fetish scenes, this new collection appeals to the masses for its fashionable colors and construction along with its versatility. Every item in the collection comes with a removable plastic athletic cup that can easily be inserted or taken out. Pair them with a pair of CellBlock 13 Crew or Renegade socks and your favorite leather harness and you’ll be set for International Mr. Leather!

Cellblock 13 Renegade Socks: A Rebels Footwear

“Gear is the most important thing to people who attend fetish events with the kick off of the season at IML (International Mr. Leather) leading into Folsom, Dore Alley, LA Leather Week, Folsom Berlin, Fetish Week in London,  Claw, and all the leather pride events throughout the year all the way through to MAL (Mid Atlantic Leather) in January,” said Timoteo Ocampo, Chief Creative Director and Co-Owner of CellBlock 13.  “Our clients take these events very seriously and they want gear designed for them that take into account the heritage of all things leather and fetish.  Gear Nights are a popular events at clubs all across the world and we are at the center of some of those events.”

Along with the launch of the G-Force collection, we are happy to share the exclusive premier of the G-Force video. Directed by Timoteo Ocampo and starring model Israel Zamora, the video showcases the G-Force collection, which is set to be the hottest gear seen at any of the IML events this year! Sticking to the brand’s natural aesthetic, the video was filmed in a darker, grittier setting to resemble an actual cellblock. Israel shows of the functionality of the removable athletic cup by modeling the looks with and without it,  all while wearing a puppy mask to invoke a growing fetish known as puppy play. See the video in full view below!

This is already one highly anticipated collection with the demands for G-Force collection growing everyday. Do you plan on gearing up with the G-Force collection for this year’s IML events? If so, let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

The CellBlock 13 G-Force collection is available in sizes S-XXL.

For more information on the brand: CellBlock 13

Video/Photo Credit: Timoteo Ocampo

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