The Tommy John Second Skin Undershirt


Wear the shirt that will perfectly sculpt and define your physique and amp your confidence with the suave Tommy John Second Skin Undershirt.

Made of an ultra-soft, super-thin plush blend of 90% Anti-Pilling Micro Modal and 10% Spandex that is resistant to shrinkage and fading, the Second Skin Stay Tucked Crew Neck Undershirt ($40) is streamlined to compliment all body shapes while eliminating Excess Fabric Gut. The Second Skin Stay Tucked Tank Top ($35) shines like illuminated silk and draws maximum attention to the arms. The Second Skin Stay Tucked Deep V-Neck Undershirt ($40) provides a deep plunge while harnessing a near-invisible cut with 2-3 buttons open that flaunts the pecs; and, the Second Skin Stay Tucked High Vneck Undershirt ($40) creates an all-over comfortable fit that doesn’t bunch up and will compliment just about any outerwear.

The Tommy John Second Skin Undershirts are available in sizes S-XXL. All shirts come in white, black and nude.

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For more information on the brand: Tommy John

Photo Credit: Tommy John


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