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Paul Creighton Model Paul Creighton may have many different decisions he will have to make for the upcoming week. One decision that has been made simple for him, thanks to Rounderbum, is what underwear to wear.

[RECOMMENDED] Rounderbum Lift My Day Collection Picks Your Underwear For You 

In the Rounderbum Lift My Day trunk, he knows exactly what to wear Monday through Friday, since the underwear has the day of the week stitched onto the front of waistband. Designed in both white and black fabric made from 93% cotton and 7% elastane, brighter colors are found in the waistband including pink, orange, green, purple and blue. Each pair is also created with butt lifting technology to give you the roundest bum around. Check out how the underwear looks on Paul in photos by Jerrad Matthew. Would you wear the Rounderbum Lift My Day trunk?

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For more information about this brand: Rounderbum

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew

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