PUMP! Adds Two Joggers To The Race


PUMP! has added two new variations to its collection of joggers, the Titan Jogger ($32) and the Hero Jogger ($32). Joggers are their upscale take on your typical pair of boxers — but these two new additions break new ground. Like the other pairs, these joggers have mesh pockets and a casual, yet fashionable sportiness about them. But these two pairs stand out with their mesh pouches. That’s right, mesh pouches. Talk about comfort and teasing going hand-in-hand.

Both of these new additions are almost entirely cotton (96% cotton and 4% spandex), with spandex to give them an extra stretch. The Hero jogger, (worn by Vincent Laroche), comes in electric blue with white contrasting seams, and the PUMP! brand name printed in red on the waistband. The mesh pouch is also white, and obviously the center of attention for this boxer. The Titan jogger is similar, but plays it cool by sticking to the blues. The pair is navy and electric blue, this time with the brand name printed in white on the waistband. The pouch here is mesh too, but because of the color comes off as less revealing. (Model Colin Wayne still looks damn good in them.)

Wear these bad boys to the gym or under your clothes on a normal day. Or if you are home alone being a homebody, they’re great to wear while cleaning your house. Just make sure the windows are closed so the neighbors don’t see. …Or leave them open, it’s up to you.

PUMP! Joggers are available in sizes S-XL.

Photo Credit: PUMP!

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